Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended holiday to multiple destinations, the nights you spend in a hotel are likely the most expensive part of your holiday.

Paying too much for hotels can easily see your best budgeting efforts fall apart. If you know where to look and how to book, you can save money on hotels. Here are some tips to help you!

1. Pick the right times to travel and bundle.

Have you ever fussed too much about the best time to book your hotel room? I used to. But not any more.

If your schedule is at all flexible, even if you have not stayed at a property before, it does pay to check their rates and see if certain days of the week are markedly different in price. Sometimes booking each night individually gets you a better price and sometimes booking a cluster of nights cuts the price. If you can time your stays and play with the pricing a bit, you’ll save money, for sure.

As with flights, you can save money by traveling during shoulder seasons. If you're just looking at hotel deals without a bundle, you can visit websites like Askmeoffers & CouponsABC They compare hotel and deals for you all in one place so you can spend less time comparing prices on your own. You can book through there and save massive in the form of deals and coupons like Oyo coupon codes, sometime the discount vouchers are up to 80% off on hotel rooms.

2. Try mystery hotels & last minute buys

Mystery buy options can save you serious cash. Hotwire and Priceline do a lot of mystery buys. It’s where they don’t tell you the hotel name but they will tell you where it is, what the rating is and what it normally costs to stay per night. Those last minute deals come in really well because they are trying to sell unoccupied rooms.

3. Check out what rewards you may already have and not even know about

Credit cards affiliated with hotel rewards programs can save you money. When you charge purchases to the card, you receive points toward a free hotel stay. Free is the best hotel savings there is, right? Hotels constantly run promotions to add to your stash of hotel night reward points.

4.Breakfast not included with your hotel stay? Make your own.

When traveling, some people do like to go out for breakfast. But this article is about saving money on hotel stays, right? So if breakfast isn’t included with your room rate, keep it simple and create your own breakfast.

Many hotels will bring you a small fridge, if you request one. Hotels often let you use the microwave in the sundry store if the lobby has a store. If these options don’t work, you can always use the kettle or coffee maker to heat up water for noodles or pasta. Get creative and save a few bucks!

5.Ditch the hotel bar.

Many hotel guests, particularly when traveling solo, spend considerable time in the hotel bar. They sit and work and have a few drinks. I get that spending time alone in a hotel room can get lonely, and that working in public spaces often feels less lonely. But those bar tabs add up.

If saving money on hotel stays is what you’re after, whether your choice of beverage is wine, beer, sparkling water, or soda, it’s much cheaper to shop at a supermarket or convenience store and do your work or watch TV in the room than in the hotel bar.

Part of the fun of traveling is finding a great place to stay. But a good hotel can set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. Luckily, you can ease some of that pocketbook pain.